I have recorded and digitized The King James Bible dramatized audio, narrated by Alexander Scourby.  All mp3 files are broken down into chapters for convenience.  All are easily accessible using frames.  I hope you are blessed by these and hope you enjoy them.

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I got my pencil........now I need something to write on!

Dreams and Visions


        nd it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams
Acts 2:17 (KJV)

"eal of God"

        had a dream one day while resting on my couch at home. I'm not even sure it was a dream, it felt so real. I didn't feel entirely asleep. I was sleeping soundly on the couch when I started hearing voices all around me and a scary, evil presence. I can't remember exactly what these voices were saying but I overwhelmingly felt they were compelling me to deny my Lord, Jesus Christ. I didn't know what to do at first but I knew I really needed Jesus then. I started repeating, "Jesus is Lord, Jesus Christ is my Lord!" over and over again. I felt myself rising off of the couch as the demons were trying to scare me into submission. I rose a couple of feet and kept repeating "Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Lord!"
Suddenly, I heard and felt the demons move away to outside my home and then felt myself lower back onto the couch. The voices were muffled and then started to fade away and then my fright started fading. An older man (an Angel?) then appeared to my side and made a quick motion with his hand toward my forehead, like he was throwing something at me but there was nothing in his hand. I saw and felt glowing lines of text scroll across my forehead and embed or burn themselves in my forehead. At first, I didn't know what it was and almost tried to prevent it by my thoughts, if I could have. Somehow, I knew that it was good so I let it happen.
        The man(Angel) threw four long lines of text into my forehead and I felt a great calm. I couldn't figure out what it meant at first, but I knew that this was something very significant. A couple of days later the Holy Spirit revealed to me the meaning. It was the Seal of God. The first four Commandments, particularly the fourth commandment, of the Ten Commandments which involve our relationship with God were burnt into my forehead. I will never forget it. Praise Jesus! May He come soon, Amen.

"od's awesome power and glory!"

        ne night while sleeping I had a particularly profound dream which I hope to never forget and I don't think I could forget if I tried. It is a dream which will always remind me of the awesome power and glory of God.........I found myself walking along one of the many streets in the New Jerusalem in Heaven. I remember feeling fairly well and content but somehow not fully elated with everything around me because I think I knew in my dream that this was just a vision and that it wasn't time to be there yet. I remember passing someone by in the street and nodding to them but they seemed preoccupied with something. I looked over and up and saw a great throne in the distance with our Lord sitting in it, but it was too far off to really see Him clearly. While looking around, there seemed to be others in the distance. I couldn't really see them, but everyone (Angels?) seemed busy and involved in what they were doing (building?)
        Suddenly, I was taken up to God's throne and somehow He let me see, in a very limited way I'm sure, through His eyes. He looked down at His right hand and I saw His index finger twitch just a little. I wish I could fully describe what happened, and the awesome power and glory I felt when at the very same time He twitched His finger, all of creation MOVED with great speed and power. It was like time speeded up for that split second for everything, but I also felt some of the strength and power of God controlling it all.
        After feeling and seeing all of this, I awoke instantly, startled, shocked, breathless and wide awake. The dream was so overwhelming that I had to sit up, catch my breath, and could only whisper......."Oh, my God, Oh my Lord!" several times. I wish I could completely convey the awe of His Majesty. It leaves me with little doubt that our God IS an awesome God and to have fear of no man or of death because He is in complete control. I hope and pray our Lord Jesus will come soon. His will be done so that His plan be fully carried out and all that are chosen will be saved. May God bless all who read this and be filled with His Holy Spirit.


        I remember a couple of other things about this dream. 1) There was a person(Angel?) I nodded to as they passed me by on the street and was riding a bicycle, I think. After he(?) passed me by, I turned to look and I think he(?) stopped and turned to look at me and seemed somewhat astonished. I was too interested in everything else and went on. 2) I think there were colors but not very pronounced. 3) After seeing all of creation MOVE, His awesome power was so overwhelming that I woke up instantly, startled, shocked and wide awake. I had to exclaim to myself "Oh My God" and "Praise Jesus" and was breathless also. The kind of feeling you get when you're overflowing in the Holy Spirit, but I was overwhelmed with His power.

nding Comments:        I didn't think it was important, but I failed to mention that right when the dream started, when I appeared in the New Jerusalem, brilliant, overwhelmingly vibrant colors were shown to me but for some reason God only showed them to me for a split second. I think it might have been because of the reason I was there, for God to reveal to me His awesome power and glory without the distraction of the surroundings. But, BELIEVE ME, what He did for me in that dream was overwhelming enough. I can't imagine, now, how I can really LIVE my life without the Word of God and His Holy Spirit directing me each minute of every day. I feel that if I didn't, I would be void and desolate, living a meaningless existence, drudging through each day in fear of death and men.


"he Holy Bible is the Ultimate Authority!"

        believe this short dream is very important to record as it was extremely vivid in my mind and always reminds me that the Bible IS the most important book ever written, by the POWER of the Holy Spirit, given to men to write down and is to be treated better than GOLD.
        My dream starts out with me standing, looking at the pages of the Bible which I am holding open in the palms of my hands.  I don't remember where in the Bible I was reading, but remember being filled with His Holy Spirit while staring at the page.  Slowly, while I was watching, all the words in the text started glowing a bright golden hue, brighter and brighter, until it was a dazzling brilliant display.  The bright golden glow started popping out of each letter like laser beams, formed out of each letter from the pages.  I raised the Bible, still opened and in my palms, up over my head while the laser-like golden light stretched toward Heaven.  At that point, I could feel and understand the extreme love, power and glory that God put into each letter, word, sentence, paragraph, chapter, and book, in exacting detail, in His Holy Word.  No one could EVER convince me that the Bible is not inspired of God.  His Word will stand forever and IS THE TRUTH!  AMEN!