I have recorded and digitized The King James Bible dramatized audio, narrated by Alexander Scourby.  All mp3 files are broken down into chapters for convenience.  All are easily accessible using frames.  I hope you are blessed by these and hope you enjoy them.

God bless,

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Jesus Is Lord!

Hey, hey,  hey!he best thing that has happened to me is discovering the free gift of grace and hope of eternal life that Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, has given to me. We won't know the truth if we don't read or hear His word. We are saved by God's grace through Jesus Christ by faith, faith by hearing and hearing by the Word of God (in the Holy Bible). Some of my favorite links below can guide you to much better understanding of His Word. The Bible explains itself and a search through scripture reveals this as the Holy Spirit guides you. May God bless you with zeal and knowledge, wisdom and understanding of The Word of God.

Any audio/video on this web site is free to distribute as long as no profit is made.
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    Dreams and Visions

        ave you ever had a dream or vision that you believe is prophetic in nature? Did you know the Bible specifically states that in the last days we will prophesy and have dreams and visions? I would like to share a couple of dreams I had a few years ago that have given me great inspiration and zeal for God. Just click on the verse below......

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams
Acts 2:17 (KJV)


Happy, happy, joy, joy!Songs and Lyrics

        Please click the banner above for "Jesus Christ, The Great King" and "Jesus Christ, Word of Our Creation" that you can access from this page also.  These are just the audio versions.

***  Video versions are available online now.  Check out the "Music Videos" section below.



Showtime!Music Videos

    hese videos were recorded from my pc microphone and/or a web camera and use some special effects available from Windows Movie Maker in Windows XP.  They are full resolution, that is, the resolution I originally recorded them at (640 by 480) and are in Windows media format (.wmv).  All three are also available in MPEG(.mpeg) and Windows Media (.wmv) if you would like a cd copy of course.  All three videos are free to distribute if no profit is made.  Just click on the titles below to play the clips.  I hope you enjoy and are blessed by them.

  New lower resolution versions of each video are now available, one each for slower connections and one each for dial-up connections.  Please click the "Music Video" banner above for all versions.



1858 GC Cover (click to view full size)1858 Great Controversy...E. G. White
by E. G. White (first publication 1858)
Audio, narrated by Slayt-Rock

    his is an audio compilation of the original 1858 Great Controversy, by E. G. White.  Ellen White was one of the most inspired writers of the 19th century who, by the power of the Holy Spirit, wrote a multitude of inspirational books, articles, etc. which helped put the Bible and Bible prophecies together for God's children so we could understand and teach His Word in a most effective way.  All of her writings are widely considered as inspired by God and many readers even consider Mrs. White as a Prophet.  There are later versions of this amazing book which put more of her writings together, but I was inspired to narrate this version because it was the original publication in 1858.  I hope and pray that you will listen to and/or read this book and be filled with His Holy Spirit as I was.  Click on the title above to bring up the audio files, broken down into chapters, all in MP3 format.



by E. G. White (1911 Publication)
Audio, narrated by Slayt-Rock

    I have begun the narration of the 1911 version of The Great Controversy.  This version has added some more of Mrs. White's writings but has stuck with the basic time period of between Christ's death and resurrection and the time when the controversy ends at Christ's second coming.  I will be adding chapters as I narrate and convert them to mp3's, but please be patient, I have a full time job and often don't have the energy to narrate as often as I wish.  Click on the title, of course, to bring up the web page.  May God bless you.

As always, any audio/video on this web site is free to distribute as long as no profit is made.
This does not necessarily include audio/video on other web sites I have links to from this site.

God bless,
Randy (Slayt-Rock)


Favorite Links

   lease check out some of my favorite Christian/Remnant links on this page.
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