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**  I do not necessarily condone all teachings in the websites below.  The Bible says to test all the spirits, but be sure you are well grounded in Scripture and the Prophetic Word in the Holy Bible (KJV) and always check everything against His Word for yourself.


Seventh Day Remnant Voice new beginning......the Seventh Day Remnant VoiceIf you have the zeal for knowledge, understanding, and wisdom for the Word of God and feel you are counted as the "Remnant of Her seed", please join us and help us grow.

Let There be Light Ministries    ighly recommended by Presents of God Ministry-POGM, truly one of the best web sites for the Truth!

Ellen G. White Complete Writings

ne of the most inspired authors in the 19th century! Next to the King James Bible itself, a lesser light from the Holy Spirit, E. G. White harmonizes and is in full agreement with the Word of God. Her works are a MUST Reading.


Is SDA an apostate church?

s the Seventh Day Adventist Church an apostate church?  Much evidence suggests that the SDA Church organization (Conference Church) has been very much corrupted.  That is, the hierarchical structure.  Click the banner to find out why.

Early Seventh Day Adventist Literature

he most comprehensive collection of early "SDA" (Seventh Day Adventist) literature, books, etc. I've seen on the internet so far.  These original works give you an exciting, truthful, and prophetic look into the Holy Bible as it was meant to be seen by the original authors.


Amazing Facts

mazing Facts web page for the truth as the Bible sees it.  Don't forget to check out Joe Crews...........click on the Media link and then go to Joe Crews audio page.****


It Is Written

t Is Written Web Page for Christian links and Bible studies online.****


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May God bless!

Any help is greatly appreciated.  May God bless you with zeal for Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding of the Word of God.

Randy (Slayt-Rock)