I have recorded and digitized The King James Bible dramatized audio, narrated by Alexander Scourby.  All mp3 files are broken down into chapters for convenience.  All are easily accessible using frames.  I hope you are blessed by these and hope you enjoy them.

God bless,

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HAM (Amateur Radio) Page

If anyone is wondering what KU4CW is for.........it's a HAM radio operator call sign. HAM radio is also called Amateur Radio. A unique call sign is assigned to anyone who passes one of several FCC (Federal Communication Commission) exams. HAM radio is a very exiting and extensive field which covers a lot of ground. Here you will find links to important local info about HAM operations, a link to pics of my computers and radios, and links to my favorite HAM web sites. I update these web pages regularly so please come back soon. May God bless you in Jesus' name.

*** The web sites on all links below may have information I do not condone.  I have these links on here for the HAM info only.

For your information:

American Radio Relay LeagueAmateur Radio Licensing structure is here...For Complete info on the new restructuring on the ARRL web pages click the link below......

ARRLWeb: Amateur Licensing-preparation

Amateur technician, general and extra class question pools are now available at the ARRL....click below....

ARRLWeb: Amateur Exam Question Pools


Visit BARS on the web

Bullitt Amateur Radio Society

The Bullitt Amateur Radio Society

I was a member of BARS from the time I became a HAM until 2002. Working full time and Bible study is taking most of my time lately. The Bullitt Amateur Radio Society owns two repeaters. One is on the 2 meter frequency of 146.700 mhz. The other is a lower power repeater on the 70 cm frequency of 443.700 mhz. I have an Extra class license and own a Radio Shack 2 meter mobile radio (HTX-242) which I use as a base right now. I have a Mirage dual band amp (50watts on 2m, 35watts on 70cm) for my handheld radios if needed. I own a Yaesu dual band (2m & 70cm) mobile (FT-8500), a Yaesu tri-band (6m, 2m, & 70cm) handheld (VX-5R) and a working high frequency (HF) Heathkit HW-100 which is without an antenna at this time.

BARS has introduced me to all kinds of great people and interests. I have enjoyed being a member of SKYWARN and working with the NOAA weather people during emergency nets. I have also been a net control manager for the Bullitt Amateur Radio Society's ARES, RACES, and SYWARN net which meets every Monday night at 0030 hours UTC (7:30pm local time) on the BARS 146.700 repeater.

Below is a link to some pictures of my shack (computers and radios).

My HAM Shack
(pictures of my radios and computers)

ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service)RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service)


Buckmaster's World Wide HamCallTMServer

Type a callsign:

QRZ.com The Ham Radio SuperSite http://qrz.com Serving amateurs since 1992