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Seventh Day Remnant Crosswords 003
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  1. It was used for many purposes: for anointing the body or the hair (Ex 29:7; 2Sa 14:2; Ps 23:5; Ps 92:10; Ps 104:15; Luke 7:46), etc.
  2. a Pharisee and a member of the Sanhedrin. He is first noticed as visiting Jesus by night (John 3:1-21)
  3. Given or gift of God, one of our Lord's disciples, "of Cana in Galilee" (John 21:2).
  4. My master, a title of dignity given by the Jews to their doctors of the law and their distinguished teachers. It is sometimes applied to Christ (Mat 23:7, 8)
  5. The five-fold volume, consisting of the first five books of the Old Testament.
  6. A surname given to one of the Marys of the Gospels to distinguish her from the other Marys (Mat 27:56, 61; Mat 28:1).
  7. a name for the world of happiness and rest hereafter (Luke 23:43; 2Co 12:4; Rev 2:7).
  8. Heb. 'ohel (Gen 9:21, 27). This word is used also of a dwelling or habitation
  9. Heb. goel; i.e., one charged with the duty of restoring the rights of another and avenging his wrongs.(Ps 78:35)
  10. Paul was summoned by the vision of the "man of ________" to preach the gospel there (Acts 16:9).
  11. One separated from the world and consecrated to God; one holy by profession and by covenant; a believer in Christ (Ps 16:3; Rom 1:7)
  12. a Moabite town threatened with the sword of the Babylonians (Jer 48:2).
  13. He was a "Nazarite unto God" from his birth, the first Nazarite mentioned in Scripture(Jdg 14:20).
  14. Trial; a being put to the test.(Jas 1:12)
  15. ___ gate. One of the gates in the north wall of Jerusalem, so called because built by the Jebusites (Neh 3:6; Neh 12:39).


  1. The fruit of this tree yielded oil which was highly valued. (Deut 24:20)
  2. That which is rejected on account of its own worthlessness (Jer 6:30)
  3. This epithet (Gr. Nazaraios) is applied to Christ only once (Mat 2:23).
  4. Vain, empty, worthless, only found in Mat 5:22. The Jews used it as a word of contempt. It is derived from a root meaning "to spit."
  5. a placing beside; a comparison; used to denote (1) a proverb (2) a prophetic utterance. (Mark 7:17)
  6. Gr. sabbatismos, a Sabbath (Heb 4:9)
  7. "the house of the God of Jacob"; "the house of my glory" ; an "house of prayer"; "an house of sacrifice"(1Sa 1:9)
  8. a royal chair or seat of dignity (Deut 17:18; 2Sa 7:13; Ps 45:6)
  9. Cloth made of black goats' hair, coarse, rough, and thick, used for sacks, and also worn by mourners (Gen 37:34)
  10. A shorter form of "paralysis." Many persons thus afflicted were cured by our Lord. (Acts 9:33)
  11. A public civil officer invested with authority. (Acts 16:20)
  12. (Rev 1:8), the last letter in the Greek alphabet.
  13. Heb. hartumim, (Dan 1:20) were sacred scribes who acted as interpreters of omens, or "revealers of secret things."
  14. Witness or evidence (2Th 1:10).
  15. "Who is also called Paul" , the circumcision name of the apostle(Acts 7:58; Acts 8:1; Acts 9:1).

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