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Seventh Day Remnant Crosswords 004
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  1. This word is generally used in Scripture of the sacred house erected on the summit of Mount Moriah for the worship of God.(1Ki 6:17)
  2. They were used in the sacred anointing oil (Ex 25:6; Ex 35:8; 1Ch 9:29), and in embalming the dead (2Ch 16:14; Luke 23:56; Luke 24:1; John 19:39, 40).
  3. In Dan 2:2 it is the rendering of the Hebrew mekhashphim, i.e., mutterers, men who professed to have power with evil spirits.
  4. Divided, one of the mysterious words "written over against the candlestick upon the plaster of the wall" of king Belshazzar's palace (Dan 5:28)
  5. Is converse with God; the intercourse of the soul with God, not in contemplation or meditation, but in direct address to him (Mat 21:22)
  6. the name given to the goat which was taken away into the wilderness on the day of Atonement (Lev 16:8)
  7. Invariably in the New Testament denotes that definite collection of sacred books, regarded as given by inspiration of God (2Ti 3:16)
  8. the 4th Commandment contains God's ____. Usually thought of as being on a king's signet ring. (Rev 22:10)
  9. A form of punishment (Lev 20:2; Lev 24:14; Deut 13:10; Deut 17:5; Deut 22:21) prescribed for certain offences.
  10. This number has been called the symbol of perfection, and also the symbol of rest (Job 5:19)
  11. After the return from the Captivity, the Jews in Jerusalem refused to allow them to take part with them in rebuilding the temple, and hence sprang up an open enmity between them. (John 4:9)
  12. Trial; a being put to the test. (Jas 1:2, 12)
  13. first mentioned in connection with the history of the temptation and fall of our first parents (Gen 3).
  14. Pastors usually stand behind this when teaching or preaching (Neh 8:4).
  15. The other two sects were the Essenes and the Sadducees. In the time of our Lord they were the popular party (John 7:48).


  1. This term is applied to believers (1Pe 2:9; Rev 1:6). All true believers are this.
  2. An uncovering, a bringing to light of that which had been previously wholly hidden or only obscurely seen. The very last book of the Bible.
  3. Originally called Simon (=Simeon ,i.e., "hearing"), a very common Jewish name in the New Testament(Acts 11:4)
  4. Involves more than a mere moral reformation of character, brought about by the power of the truth: it is the work of the Holy Spirit (2Th 2:13).
  5. It has been defined as a "miracle of knowledge, a declaration or description or representation of something future, beyond the power of human sagacity to foresee, discern, or conjecture."(Ro 12:6)
  6. I.e., "fiftieth", found only in the New Testament (Acts 2:1; Acts 20:16; 1Co 16:8)
  7. Anciently held various important offices in the public affairs of the nation. (2Sa 8:17; 2Sa 20:25)
  8. Used in Col 2:17; Heb 8:5; Heb 10:1 to denote the typical relation of the Jewish to the Christian dispensation
  9. Place of worship for the Jewish people (Acts 9:20; Acts 13:5; Acts 17:1; Acts 17:17; Acts 18:4).
  10. The sacred tent (Heb. mishkan, "the dwelling-place"); the movable tent-temple which Moses erected for the service of God, according to the "pattern" which God himself showed to him on the mount (Ex 25:9; Heb 8:5).
  11. Caused by the reflection and refraction of the rays of the sun shining on falling rain. God said the appearance of this is a sign that He will never flood the Earth again. (Rev 4:3)(Rev 10:1)
  12. Jesus calls them "hypocrites" and "a wicked and adulterous generation" (Mat 22:23).
  13. He was the first Christian martyr. Devout men carried him to his grave (Acts 8:2). His death marked the bringing of the Gospel to the Gentiles.
  14. Regarded as the most unclean and the most abhorred of all animals (Lev 11:7; Isa 65:4; Isa 66:3, 17; Luke 15:15, 16).
  15. The care of a shepherd over his flock is referred to as illustrating God's care over his people Ps (74:1)

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