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Seventh Day Remnant Crosswords 010
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  1. The rendering of Hebrew _latim_ or _lehatim_, which means "something covered," "muffled up;" secret arts, tricks (Ex 7:11, 22; Ex 8:7, 18), by which the Egyptian magicians imposed on the credulity of Pharaoh.
  2. The apostolic letters. The New Testament contains twenty-one in all. They are divided into two classes.
  3. Man the son of Seth, and grandson of Adam (Gen 5:6-11; Luke 3:38).
  4. Life; living, the name given by Adam to his wife (Gen 3:20; Gen 4:1).
  5. In its primary sense, as denoting the first principles or constituents of things, it is used in 2Pe 3:10
  6. God is his rejector, one of David's thirty-seven distinguished heros (2Sa 23:25).
  7. a word of Egyptian origin, meaning measure; a grain measure containing "three seahs or ten omers," and equivalent to the bath for liquids (Ex 16:36; 1Sa 17:17; Zec 5:6)
  8. God is her oath, the daughter of Amminadab and the wife of Aaron (Ex 6:23).
  9. Tower of the flock, a tower between Bethlehem and Hebron, near which Jacob first halted after leaving Bethlehem (Gen 35:21)
  10. God his salvation, the son of Shaphat of Abel-meholah, who became the attendant and disciple of Elijah (1Ki 19:16-19). His name first occurs in the command given to Elijah to anoint him as his successor (1Ki 19:16).
  11. The eldest son of Cain (Gen 4:17), who built a city east of Eden in the land of Nod
  12. A name frequently used in the Old Testament as denoting a person clothed with authority, and entitled to respect and reverence (Gen 50:7).
  13. God with us, (Mat 1:23).
  14. A black, hard wood, brought by the merchants from India to Tyre (Ezek 27:15). It is the heart-wood, brought by Diospyros ebenus, which grows in Ceylon and Southern India.


  1. (Gen 3:15).
  2. (Esth 2:15). That she was raised up as an instrument in the hand of God to avert the destruction of the Jewish people, and to afford them protection and forward their wealth and peace in their captivity, is also manifest from the Scripture account."
  3. The process of preserving a body by means of aromatics (Gen 50:2, 3, 26).
  4. Passage, one of the stations of the Israelites in their wanderings (Num 33:34, 35). It was near Ezion-geber.
  5. "The Tishbite," the "Elias" of the New Testament, is suddenly introduced to our notice in 1Ki 17:1 as delivering a message from the Lord to Ahab.
  6. The Greek form of Elijah (Mat 11:14; Mat 16:14)
  7. The Greek form for Isaiah, constantly used in the Authorized Version of the New Testament (Mat 3:3; Mat 4:14)
  8. Rebekah's first-born twin son (Gen 25:25). The name of Edom, "red", was also given to him from his conduct in connection with the red lentil "pottage" for which he sold his birthright (Gen 30, Gen 31
  9. One of Job's "three friends" who visited him in his affliction (Job 4:1).
  10. Valley of, where the Israelites were encamped when David killed Goliath (1Sa 17:2, 19).
  11. Man of Baal, the fourth son of king Saul (1Ch 8:33; 1Ch 9:39). He is also called Ish-bosheth (q.v.), 2Sa 2:8.
  12. The second son of Joseph, born in Egypt (Gen 41:52; Gen 46:20)
  13. (Neh 6:15), the name of the sixth month of the ecclesiastical year, and the twelfth of the civil year.
  14. The son of Melea (Luke 3:30), and probably grandson of Nathan.
  15. The garden in which our first parents dewlt (Gen 2:8-17).
  16. It was made of fine linen, and consisted of two pieces, which hung from the neck, and covered both the back and front, above the tunic and outer garment (Ex 28:31)

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