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  1. A city in the extreme south of Judah, near to Idumaea (Jos 15:21), the birthplace of Benaiah, one of David's chief warriors (2Sa 23:20; 1Ch 11:22).
  2. Heb. peka'im, found only in 1Ki 6:18 and 1Ki 7:24, an ornament resembling a small gourd or an egg, on the cedar wainscot in the temple and on the castings on the brim of the brazen sea.
  3. A Levitical family descended from Korah (Ex 6:24; 1Ch 12:6; 1Ch 26:1; 2Ch 20:19).
  4. The name of a tribe inhabiting the desert lying between southern Palestine and the mountains of Sinai. Jethro was of this tribe (Jdg 1:16).
  5. A city of Issachar assigned to the Gershonite Levites (Jos 19:20)
  6. A town in the south of Judah (Jos 15:25). Judas the traitor was probably a native of this place, and hence his name Iscariot.
  7. A Levite who assisted Ezra in expounding the law to the people (Neh 8:7; Neh 10:10).
  8. A town in the plain of Judah (Jos 15:40).
  9. Frequently mentioned in Scripture. It is called in Hebrew _maphteah_, i.e., the opener (Jdg 3:25); and in the Greek New Testament _kleis_, from its use in shutting (Mat 16:19; Luke 11:52; Rev 1:18).
  10. One of the stations of the Israelites in the desert (Num 33:22, 23).
  11. one of the Levites who returned with Zerubbabel from the Captivity (Neh 9:4; Neh 10:9; Neh 12:8). hint: starts with "k" ;-)
  12. This title is applied to God (1Ti 1:17), and to Christ, the Son of God (1Ti 6:15, 16; Mat 27:11)
  13. The vessel in which the dough, after being mixed and leavened, was left to swell or ferment (Ex 8:3; Ex 12:34; Deut 28:5, 7).
  14. The young of the goat. It was much used for food (Gen 27:9; Gen 38:17; Jdg 6:19; Jdg 14:6).
  15. The third son of Esau, by Aholibamah (Gen 36:14; 1Ch 1:35).
  16. (Gen 10:4). (See CHITTIM.): the name of a branch of the descendants of Javan, the "son" of Japheth. Balaam foretold (Num 24:24) "that ships shall come from the coast of Chittim, and afflict Eber.
  17. A Levitical porter at the east gate of the temple (2Ch 31:14).
  18. The name of Job's second daughter (Job 42:14), born after prosperity had returned to him.
  19. The wife of Abraham, whom he married probably after Sarah's death (Gen 25:1-6), by whom he had six sons, whom he sent away into the east country. Her nationality is unknown. She is styled "Abraham's concubine" (1Ch 1:32).


  1. The name of a tribe referred to in the covenant God made with Abraham (Gen 15:19).
  2. The name of Job's third daughter (Job 42:14), born after prosperity had returned to him.
  3. A city of Zebulun (Jdg 1:30), called also Kattath (Jos 19:15);
  4. It is the name for the nomadic tribes of Arabs, the Bedouins generally (Isa 21:16; Isa 42:11; Isa 60:7; Jer 2:10; Ezek 27:21), who dwelt in the north-west of Arabia.
  5. Mentioned in Pharaoh's dream (Gen 41:18). Here the word denotes "buffaloes," which fed on the reeds and sedge by the river's brink.
  6. A city of Gilead. It was captured by Nobah, who called it by his own name (Num 32:42).
  7. A city in the lowlands of Judah (Jos 15:44). David rescued it from the attack of the Philistines (1Sa 23:1-8); but the inhabitants proving unfaithful to him, in that they sought to deliver him up to Saul (1Sa 23:13),
  8. A city of Ephraim, assigned to the Kohathite Levites, and appointed as a city of refuge (Jos 21:22).
  9. The last-named of the sons of Ishmael (Gen 25:15).
  10. A city in the extreme south of Judah (Jos 15:22).
  11. An unclean and keen-sighted bird of prey (Lev 11:14; Deut 14:13). The Hebrew word used, _'ayet_, is rendered "vulture" in Job 28:7 in Authorized Version
  12. A city belonging to Benjamin (Jos 18:28)
  13. A Levite of the family of Merari (1Ch 23:21; 1Ch 24:29).
  14. Occurs only in Ezek 23:23, some province or place in the Babylonian empire, used in this passage along with Shoa
  15. The second son of Levi, and father of Amram (Gen 46:11). He came down to Egypt with Jacob, and lived to the age of one hundred and thirty-three years (Ex 6:18).
  16. a sharp instrument for circumcision ((Jos 5:2, 3), for slaughtering and cutting up food (Gen 22:6, 10; Prov 30:14), for slaughtering the victims offered in sacrifice (Ezra 1:9)
  17. A descendant of Judah. 1Ch 4:8
  18. A city of Reuben, assigned to the Levites of the family of Merari (Jos 13:18). It lay not far north-east of Dibon-gad, east of the Dead Sea.
  19. A large pot for cooking. The same Hebrew word (dud, "boiling") is rendered also "pot" (Ps 81:6), "caldron" (2Ch 35:13), "basket" (Jer 24:2). It was used for preparing the peace-offerings (1Sa 2:13, 14).
  20. A "fenced city" of Naphtali, one of the cities of refuge (Jos 19:37; Jdg 4:6). It was assigned to the Gershonite Levites (Jos 21:32). It was originally a Canaanite royal city (Jos 12:22)
  21. To prepare dough in the process of baking (Gen 18:6; 1Sa 28:24; Hos 7:4).

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