I have recorded and digitized The King James Bible dramatized audio, narrated by Alexander Scourby.  All mp3 files are broken down into chapters for convenience.  All are easily accessible using frames.  I hope you are blessed by these and hope you enjoy them.

God bless,

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Here are several small projects below you can print out, laminate, and pass out to others.  Most are in .DOC (MS Word) format, except for the calendars just below.  All are free to use as you see fit if no profit is made.
New SDR Crossword puzzles.  You can print them out to work on them.  Enjoy!  There are also interactive versions of each.    (make sure to enable Javascript in your browser)
Answer keys are usually posted the following Sabbath.


Below is a calendar scheme I made up from

The Print Shop Premier Addition.

I usually put these together back-to-back and heat laminate them.


Click on the thumbnails below for full size graphics...........return by clicking back on your browser.
Examples are below, but will continue at a later date................




Links below are the .jpg picture files for the above graphics.  They look very nice when laminated and attract attention as well as useful.  The Print Shop files are included if you can convert them or print them out. (comes out much clearer) 


This graphic below is from a  .PUB (MS Publisher 2003) file ........there are conversion programs out there somewhere if you can find them .............. click on the thumbnail for full size ............ "back" on browser to return.  The link below the thumbnail is the original  .PUB file.

The Antichrist Card   print on 4" X 6" glossy photo stock for an astonishing effect.  Professional looking.


Below is the same design better suited for business card size.  I adjusted the fonts and sizes for better resolution.

Antichrist Business card size

Here's another project with Print Shop...........a tract which gives you some idea in short order who the Antichrist is and why.  A good introduction to the many prophecies exposing the Antichrist(Papacy and Roman Catholic Church).


Click thumbnails for full size graphics............alternately, I have uploaded the Print Shop files........click the links below.


I made these in Print Shop so that the first top three print on one side of regular 8.5 by 11 paper and the bottom three print on back side.  Below are two files.........one for front and one for the back but you must have Print Shop to use, unless there is a way to convert them.



The files below are in .DOC format..........you can print them out do what you please with them.  I like to put a couple of them back-to-back and laminate them with a heat laminator.  I usually slip them inside a flyer or something like that.  These files are saved in Microsoft Word format, except the .rtf.  You can open the .rtf with the generic Windows Wordpad(write) program built in.

Click thumbnails for larger view.......just click "back" on your browser to return to this page.


           GODSLAW1 Refined b and w.doc


            GODSLAW1 Refined color.doc


           GODSLAW1 Refined b.doc and
          GODSLAW1 Refined.doc


           Ten Commandments b and w.doc


            Ten Commandments color.doc


              Ten Commandments B&W small.doc


            Ten Commandments small a.doc and
           Ten Commandments small.doc

           Ten Commandments small a.doc is an easier to read font.


This tract is very helpful to introduce someone to the major prophecies in Daniel and Revelation.  Print front and back fold over.


Riseofantichrist1.doc (front page) and   Riseofantichrist2.doc (back page)
These two should be printed on the front and rear of a single sheet of paper and
folded at dotted line.